Buyer / Seller

Buyer Representation

Real Estate agents do not always work for the seller. Fair dealing is what you should always expect from a REALTOR, but as a Buyer, you may be best served by hiring a Buyer Broker. Please read the Agency Disclosure

Why do you need a Buyer Broker?

Our real estate market has limited inventory. This is a good thing! It demonstrates that many people want to live in the Stowe area, and, once here, not too many of them leave. I am dedicated to matching people and properties. As your Buyer Broker, these are some of my duties:

· I will work diligently to find you a home! I will give you immediate notice of any listing that may fit your needs through my eClub service. I will look for properties that are not listed for sale once we have established the scope of your search parameters.

· You will receive expert advice, substantiated by market evidence, to help you decide how much to offer for a property.

· I will negotiate to secure the best price and terms when you make an offer. When it comes to contract negotiations, I am a seasoned pro!

· I will see that all of the details of your contract are carried out in a timely manner to closing. Much of my work begins at the time a contract is executed! I will insure that the sellers fulfill their obligations under the contract terms to your satisfaction.

What does this service cost?

There is no charge to the Buyer when you purchase a property that is listed for sale with a real estate agent. I receive a portion of the fee paid by the Seller to their real estate agent.

If a property is not listed for sale, the Buyer will pay a commission fee based on a percentage of the sales price. There is never a double charge of commission fees. I either work for the buyer or for the seller, and I only get paid once.

Are there additional costs?

A buyer will incur certain costs, all variable except for the Vermont Property Transfer Tax. You may or may not choose to have a property inspection, attorney representation, mortgage financing, title insurance, property insurance, or an appraisal…most of these will be required if you seek financing. I have prepared a list of references for most professional services; please feel free to use it!


Seller Representation

In the Stowe area, we have heard the buzz word “seller’s market” for several years now…with a limited inventory and a heavy migratory trend away from larger cities, this is an apt description of the current real estate climate. So, it’s a good time to sell! Please read the Agency Disclosure.

What services do you receive?

Ready, willing, and able. My job and responsibility as your listing agent will be to deliver a buyer “ready, willing, and able” to purchase your property at the highest price. I won’t be representing the buyer; I will be solely representing your interests, while dealing fairly with all parties. Here are some of the duties which I perform as a Seller’s Agent:

I recommend accurate pricing of your property after a Comparative Market Analysis of like-kind sales. In a “seller’s market” there is a tendency toward over-pricing. While I will work diligently to attain the highest and best price for your property, an over-priced property is not a salable property, and I will not take a listing when I feel a seller has set a price that is too high to generate reasonable offers.

I build a file of all pertinent information about your property. I find most property owners are terrific resources and maintain excellent records; to supplement what you might already know about your property, I will collect all available documents from the town records. I am well-versed in permit requirements and will want to make sure your property is in compliance before we try to market it! This is the due diligence part of the job.
Marketing is my secret passion. Beyond creative and professional marketing materials, you will have a hands-on REALTOR to make sure your property presents at its best! Listing a property is an active job – I have been known to use a broom (or chainsaw) as the situation might mandate!

Communication in any relationship is key: you will be hearing from me.
I will host a REALTOR open house (or site walk for land). To give your property the greatest exposure, I want all of my colleagues informed and working for US.
Beckwith Real Estate is a member of the Multiple Listing Service…great exposure to a fine group of professionals. Your listing will be featured on my website and available on!

Once an offer is in hand, I will give you expert advice to negotiate for the highest price and most attractive terms possible. I am required to present any and all offers. I also put your interests ahead of my own, always.
From contract to closing, I will oversee all of the contractual obligations, and keep things on track in the event of an unexpected obstacle.
What are the costs involved?

A Seller can have very few costs at closing beyond paying the sales commission. I charge a commission as a percentage of the sales price, to be incorporated into the terms of the listing contract, payable from proceeds at closing. If you are a foreign resident, certain tax withholding laws may apply to you and I advise you to confirm your obligation with your tax attorney. If you are selling land and have owned the property for less than six (6) years, you could be liable for the Vermont Land Gains Tax, a sliding scale based on profit and term of ownership. All sellers could be liable for Capital Gains, so please consult your accountant.

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